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Why are so many Irish people leaving?

Irish people are leaving Ireland as the Government prepares to negotiate a bailout of the country’s banks with its European Union creditors.Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said last week that the country had a “troubled” financial system and that “there is no doubt” it was in a “crisis”.But the Government has been forced to deal […]

Why Canada’s exit tax is worth the pain: It’s time to look at the cost of an exit tax

A tax on imports that is set to take effect this fall has some economists wondering if it is worth it.Canada’s exit taxes, imposed on imports and the value of Canadian exports, have been a political flashpoint for a decade.The issue has generated intense debate in Canada’s political parties, as some see it as a […]

How to Make Your Exit Speech for Trump without Words

Trump supporters who are watching the election closely might be aware of one crucial thing: He never says anything.The Trump campaign, with its carefully scripted rallies and elaborate strategy, has been known to make one of its biggest mistakes when it comes to the presidential election: it does not speak its own words.While some campaign […]

How to use a Lithonia Exit Sign

Lithonia exit sign Lithonia, Spain, March 10, 2021. Lithonia is a regional tourist attraction located in the southern Spanish region of Almacenes.It has a population of more than 1.2 million and is famous for its spectacular mountain scenery.The exit sign for Lithonia has been around since the mid-19th century and is one of the most popular […]

Why the GOP should abandon Trump and his allies

A lot of people were happy when Donald Trump said on Saturday that he’s “done” with running for president.He’s done with all of his presidential campaign ideas, and he’s done it in a way that’s really not a revolution.But he’s also done with some of the ideas he has put forth on the campaign trail.He […]

What you need to know about NJ exit tax

NJ exit taxes are one of the most popular taxes in the country, costing businesses more than $60 billion annually, according to the Tax Foundation.But there are many other taxes that are on the ballot in November, including a tax on the state’s high-tech sector.Below, we’ll take a look at what these taxes could look […]

Why do we still feel the need to think about the exit exit?

Posted August 21, 2018 11:00:30The phrase exit, coined by a French philosopher, refers to a decision by a human being to leave the group, usually by force.But exit, by its very definition, does not necessarily involve leaving the group.For example, a person might exit a group because of a family emergency, or because of personal […]

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