Exito: We’re not going to be able to stay in the city anymore

Bogota, Colombia — Exito, the Colombian government agency that manages the country’s largest natural gas fields, has announced that it will be closing the city of 1 million people as of March 31.The announcement comes as the country struggles with a chronic and growing pollution problem, which has been linked to the closure of more […]

Music streaming platform exit music launches in Australia

Music streaming service exit music has officially launched in Australia.The music streaming service was launched on Thursday.Exit Music Australia says it will offer a variety of music from major artists, and the service will allow users to access and listen to music from their favourite artists.It launched on a smartphone app in Australia last week […]

Walmart exit code 1: Florida Turnpike Exit Code 1 for Florida’s Turnpikes

Walmarts is closing at least 10 locations in Florida and New York after the company failed to meet conditions that would have resulted in a shutdown of the turnpikes, the company announced Monday.The company said it has closed its stores in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Kissimmee, Tampa, Fort Myers and Orlando.In addition to the closing of […]

How to use exit polls to predict which way Ohio voters are headed in the presidential election

Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire all have exit polls in the running for the presidency and, so far, all have seen Clinton get more votes than Trump.But exit polls can also show who the candidate is going to be, and that can have a profound impact on a race.Below, we’ll break down the major […]

When the United States leaves Colombia, the country’s economy goes with it

A few weeks ago, we were told that the United Kingdom and the European Union were the last countries left in the world that could be left standing after the United Nations and the World Bank decided that a two-state solution was no longer viable.Now, we are told that there are just three remaining nations […]

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