The end of the world is nigh: The Guardian’s exit tracker is now live!

In the first full day of our live coverage of the launch of the exit tracker, we have gathered the data and put it all together.

We’ve added a little bit more information and a few notes about what to expect in the days and weeks ahead. 

What is the exit tracking? 

The exit tracker displays the last four digits of your IP address.

You’ll know when your IP has been disconnected or when you’ve been kicked out of your network.

It also shows the IP address of the person you were communicating with when you were disconnected. 

How can I use it? 

It’s simple.

All you need to do is enter your exit address in the form below.

You can then tap the “Get” button to send your exit data to us. 

Is the exit data public? 


The exit tracker will be available for download for a week starting from midnight on 1 July.

This means that you can get a snapshot of your exit in real time if you’re offline and you want to analyse how the exit network is behaving. 

Where can I find the exit address? 

You can find it on your home page, in your address book, or on the exit router’s website. 

Are there any caveats? 

Exit tracker data will be made available to anyone who requests it.

So if you are a private individual who has been using your network for some time, you can’t get your data unless you are an authorized user. 

Can I opt out? 


This is a very secure way to control the network.

If you don’t want to share your exit IP address, you should also turn off all services on your router, as they all use IP address information to make the network work. 

Why don’t I get the exit status for the last six months? 

Because we’re using the exit routing table, which is based on your IP-address.

If your exit router had been configured in that way, we’d have to use that. 

If you want a snapshot at a specific time, tap the “+” button.

This will bring up the exit page, which will show your IP and exit routing information.

You could also use the “exit” button if you’d like to get a better idea of the network health. 

Which exit routes are supported? 

If your router supports the exit table, we’ve added support for some of the other exit routes.

For example, we now support the “Exit from the Router” exit route, which works when you’re on the “Out of the Router”, “Out” or “Re-enter the Router”. 

How do I change my exit router settings? 

When you tap the exit button, you will see a page that will let you select which exit routing rules apply to you.

We have a list of these on the page that is shown when you tap it.

If that page is empty, then you’ve not changed your router settings. 

My network is down, but I don’t know where I can change my settings.

Where can I get help? 

We have some good resources for people who want to help with network problems.

For those who are not sure where to start, we also have a helpful guide to network troubleshooting in general. 

The Exit Tracker is not free.

If there’s something you want us to know about, we encourage you to get in touch with us by emailing [email protected], or via our Facebook page. 

Thanks for reading!

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