Why the US government has not made public the Trump administration’s plan to make health care more affordable

The US government is refusing to provide detailed plans for making health care affordable to the middle class as part of a public information campaign aimed at winning support for a plan to help lower the cost of care.

Key points:A government-led effort to boost the cost-of-care to the American middle class has yet to be completedThe American Medical Association has warned of the impact on health and quality of the country’s health systemIf a plan is not unveiled, it could affect more than 20 million AmericansThe plan is designed to help more Americans afford coverage under a system that has been beset by problems and the costs of coverage have spiralled out of controlThe government has been targeting Americans living in the Midwest and Northeast for the information campaign, called “The Great American Health Care Challenge”.

It is aimed at helping Americans in the middle classes understand what they can expect to pay and the options available.

It is being led by the American Medical Associations’ National Association of Medical Colleges, and the American Public Health Association.

The American Public Healthcare Association, which represents doctors, hospitals and hospitals, also is helping coordinate the effort.

It has warned that the costs for health care would increase by as much as 15 per cent in the next decade if the new plan was implemented.

“The American health care system has become a complex and expensive business,” said Dr. David Himmelstein, president of the American Physicians Alliance, in a statement.

“These proposals to raise the cost for health coverage will only make it more expensive for many middle class families to live in the United States.

They will also likely lead to the displacement of low-income, working families and families with disabilities from their health insurance.”‘

The American Health care system is becoming a complex, expensive business’A key element of the plan is a “grand bargain” that would give federal officials the ability to negotiate down the cost and to provide tax credits and other assistance to help people pay for private insurance and for private plans.

But the plan has yet, as of last week, to be released, and no details have been released.

The association said the government had to release a detailed plan, but there is no deadline for that to happen.

In a statement, the American Association of University Professors said:The American public health association strongly supports the Government’s efforts to provide a more affordable, quality health care experience for Americans.

But we cannot afford to wait until this information campaign is released to see the impact of a comprehensive health care overhaul that will make health coverage affordable and affordable access to care more available for all Americans.

We urge the Trump Administration to deliver on the promise to improve the quality and affordability of health care, and to develop a plan by early December.

We are also concerned that a public campaign for this issue could result in substantial delays to its implementation.

We urge the administration to release details about the plan in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, the AMA said its members would continue to work to support the effort, including encouraging the American public to contact their representatives and ask them to support a Medicare-for-All Medicare program, as well as the implementation of the Grand Bargain.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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