Which U.S. states have the most extreme abortion restrictions?

U.K. states and territories have some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country, with restrictions in place since 2013 that require doctors to perform abortions before a woman’s first trimester.

Many of the state’s laws have been used to punish women who seek abortions.

The U.N. has called the situation “unacceptable.”

Here are some of our top picks for the worst abortion restrictions in the U.G.A.M. State law requiring abortion clinics to have at least one OB-GYN on staff.

The U.W. has the most severe restrictions, including an eight-hour waiting period, mandatory waiting periods and mandatory counseling, all of which are included in the law.

In Texas, a state that bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, women must travel up to 300 miles from their nearest clinic to obtain an abortion.

In Alabama, the state legislature passed a law that requires women to undergo two ultrasounds at home and then travel up and down the same route before an abortion can be performed.

In New Jersey, a law requires women seeking an abortion to undergo a third ultrasound, which takes longer to perform.

In Pennsylvania, the law requires the woman to undergo another ultrasound at home before an ultrasound can be administered, which can take up to two hours.

In Iowa, a woman must go to a clinic within 300 miles of her home to obtain a medical abortion.

In Nevada, a bill that requires abortion doctors to obtain admitting privileges at a local hospital and then conduct an ultrasound in the doctor’s office.

In Arkansas, the women must undergo two ultrasound procedures at home, one at home within a half hour of their abortion, and the other in a hospital.

In Indiana, the woman must travel 500 miles to obtain the procedure in a clinic, while in Louisiana, a clinic must be within 300 yards of the woman’s home.

In Texas, it takes two hours to obtain abortions in the state.

In California, a doctor must receive admitting privileges in a local medical facility, and an abortion clinic must have an OB-gyn on staff, which is the same requirement as in New Jersey.

In Colorado, a medical clinic must provide a doctor-patient relationship chart.

In Hawaii, it requires a physician-patient ratio of at least three doctors.

In Kentucky, a nurse-patient agreement is required.

In New Jersey and Rhode Island, abortion clinics must be located in an ambulatory surgical center, which means women must have a doctor at home for every procedure and must travel to a hospital within 500 yards of their clinic to access an abortion, but they can visit a local clinic in the same way.

In Iowa, the doctor must be an OB.

In Minnesota, the abortion clinic has to be within 500 feet of the nearest home.

In South Dakota, a health provider must provide an abortion referral letter.

In Utah, the provider must be a physician.

In Alabama, an abortion provider must also have admitting privileges.

In Nevada, the clinic must meet the state requirements to be a surgical center and the physician must be certified in surgical abortion.

State law requires that the clinic be within 50 feet of an ambulanced surgical center.

In Florida, abortion providers must be at least 10 miles away from the nearest abortion clinic.

In Louisiana, it is 100 miles away.

In Oklahoma, the health provider has to have admitting privilege.

In Nebraska, it’s a 50-mile distance from a surgical abortion clinic to the nearest clinic.

In Tennessee, the primary health care provider must meet all the requirements for an abortion facility.

In Tennessee, it can be within a 500-yard radius from the primary care provider.

In Ohio, a physician must have admitting or license privileges at the primary or family health care facility.

In Arizona, the facility must be 50 feet from a primary care clinic and within 100 yards of an abortion center.

In South Carolina, the procedure can only be performed by a primary health provider.

In Idaho, the nearest facility must have the same requirements as in Alabama.

In Oklahoma, a primary provider has 10 days to refer a woman for an in-person appointment at an abortion office.

In Arkansas, it must be 10 miles from a hospital or a primary clinic.

The state of Georgia requires a primary medical provider to be certified by a state board of medicine.

In Mississippi, a person who is licensed to practice medicine in the State of Mississippi must have at most one primary medical practitioner on staff and one primary health practitioner at home.

Arkansas has one of the strictest restrictions in that a primary doctor can only perform a second or third abortion in the primary doctor’s clinic, and a person seeking an ultrasound must also undergo a second ultrasound at a hospital for the procedure.

In North Carolina, a first trampoline is required for all procedures.

In North Dakota, the requirements are two hours for an ultrasound, but only after a woman has been at least 20 weeks pregnant.

In Montana, the only way a woman can obtain an ultrasound is through a doctor’s appointment, which

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