How Trump is firing people and making his own rules at the White House

The president’s decision to fire former acting Attorney General Sally Yates on Tuesday night is a big deal, and the fallout is likely to go on for weeks.

Yates is expected to testify on Thursday, and Trump has already made clear that he doesn’t believe she should testify.

Yates’s replacement will likely be confirmed on Thursday.

Here’s what you need to know about the administration’s move and how it could affect the legal fight that’s already brewing.


The White House says Trump fired Yates to protect himself 2.

Democrats are saying Yates was fired for refusing to enforce Trump’s order that halted refugee resettlement at the US’s airports and denied entry to travelers from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Sudan.

Yates was one of two officials who voted to block Trump’s travel ban, and she testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

She has been a vocal critic of the president, arguing that he is misusing the executive order to restrict the rights of immigrants.

Trump is expected in a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other top officials Thursday morning to request that Yates be fired.

The move comes after Yates told the Senate Homeland Security Committee that she was “disappointed” by the administration, and that she had “not seen a way forward for the department to make the executive branch more responsive to our nation’s interests.”

Trump has defended the move as “necessary to protect our nation” and argued that “the President has the authority to order a travel ban.”


There are already concerns that Trump is using the order to target undocumented immigrants.

According to a senior administration official, Yates testified that she felt “that it was necessary to make a difference for the safety of our nation.”

Yates has called the executive action “cruel, un-American, unconstitutional, and un-constitutional.”

And she warned that the move could create a “permanent magnet for terrorists, drug smugglers and human traffickers to infiltrate our borders and commit terrorist attacks.”


The administration has also issued a memo that urges the federal government to provide information about any changes to the executive travel ban that it makes.

It urges the Department of Homeland Security to provide details about the policy changes it makes to the public and in media reports, as well as any changes that the agency makes to other parts of the executive orders.

“As DHS reviews these reports and reports back to the President, the President will have a clearer understanding of how DHS has implemented the executive actions,” the memo reads.


The legal fight is already brewing as Democrats, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, are calling on the administration to reverse the decision to remove Yates.

Schumer has called for a new hearing to determine whether Yates violated her oath to the Constitution and to the rule of law.

The attorney general’s office said the attorney general was “in a position to decide whether to continue to serve as acting attorney general and that the President is entitled to seek her removal.”

The White, House and Department of Justice all denied that the administration is violating the Constitution.


If Trump decides to fire Yates, there’s a real possibility that her replacement will be confirmed quickly.

The Justice Department said it is “reviewing the matter.”

And a spokesperson for Schumer said he “believes that the Department is acting appropriately to ensure that the Attorney General is able to continue serving this important role.”


If the Trump administration does fire Yates over the ban, Democrats will be able to use the Yates incident as a litmus test for the administration.

There’s been some chatter about Democrats getting involved in a lawsuit against the administration for firing Yates, but the legal team for the Justice Department is already working to block any effort to bring the lawsuit.

“The Department is currently reviewing the Attorney Generals position and intends to respond in due course,” a spokesperson said in a statement.


There will likely also be a lot of talk about what the legal battle will look like in the months to come.

Democrats have repeatedly raised questions about whether the executive ban is constitutional and the impact on legal rights.

That’s why they are already raising questions about what a Trump administration will do to enforce the travel ban.

Trump’s lawyers have said the administration will “immediately issue an emergency stay” to protect people from the ban.

But Yates has already said she would not do that, and her office has also called for an emergency hearing.

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