Why Canada’s exit tax is worth the pain: It’s time to look at the cost of an exit tax

A tax on imports that is set to take effect this fall has some economists wondering if it is worth it.

Canada’s exit taxes, imposed on imports and the value of Canadian exports, have been a political flashpoint for a decade.

The issue has generated intense debate in Canada’s political parties, as some see it as a cost of doing business.

There are also concerns that it could create a backlash against the Canadian economy, hurting businesses and the Canadian workforce.

While many economists are arguing that Canada’s tax should be repealed, some are also saying it should be phased out.

But with Canada’s economy already suffering from the effects of the economic downturn, some economists believe that is not the right approach.

In a recent report, economists at the Bank of Montreal and the Bank for International Settlements said Canada’s import tax, which will be phased in from Sept. 1, will be one of the main reasons that the Canadian dollar will likely lose value against the U.S. dollar, and eventually the Australian dollar.

They also noted that the tax will make it more difficult for businesses to export, which is one of Canada’s main strengths.

“Import taxes are often viewed as the cost associated with importing something, which creates the potential for an economic slowdown,” the BIS report said.

Its impact is likely to be felt in Canada, as more businesses will either choose to export their products or move their operations to other countries.

On the other hand, many analysts argue that the introduction of a tax on foreign trade will make the country more competitive in the global market, as other countries will be forced to follow Canada’s lead.

If Canada’s departure tax was phased out, there is little chance that the economy would recover from the recession.

And if the import tax was repealed, there was also no indication that the country would suffer any significant job losses.

However, economists also note that a tax that does not require a specific market, such as the one in the United States, is unlikely to be popular with many Canadians.

This is because a tax is not mandatory.

A new report released by the Bank For International Settings found that most Canadians don’t like taxes on imported goods, and would like to see them eliminated.

Instead, the report said it is better to have a “fair trade” tax, with an “expectation of fair treatment” for Canadian exports.

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