Why the GOP should abandon Trump and his allies

A lot of people were happy when Donald Trump said on Saturday that he’s “done” with running for president.

He’s done with all of his presidential campaign ideas, and he’s done it in a way that’s really not a revolution.

But he’s also done with some of the ideas he has put forth on the campaign trail.

He has said, for instance, that he’d like to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, but he has also said he’d love to go even further and have the government pay for everything, even though that’s not actually what he’s proposing.

He said he’s not sure how he’d fund that, and that he doesn’t know what the costs would be, but that he thinks he can get something like $20 trillion out of the tax code and then some.

Trump also said on the trail that he would keep in place the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which was passed in 2010 to curb Wall Street excesses.

And he has called for a return to a Glass-Steagall Act, the Depression-era law that separated commercial and investment banking, and which was repealed in 1999 under President Bill Clinton.

He also said during the campaign that he believes he can beat Hillary Clinton, whom he said he will defeat in November, by “doing things a little differently.”

But now it’s pretty clear that Trump has no intention of changing.

For one thing, his candidacy has already lost steam.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows Trump’s standing at 28 percent among likely voters, down from 38 percent last week, and a record low in a Post-Bloomberg poll that was conducted this week.

The poll found that only 19 percent of likely voters said they have a favorable view of Trump, a new low for the Post-NBC News pollster.

Meanwhile, Trump’s favorability ratings have declined even more since the first Republican debate.

Just 21 percent have a positive view of him, compared with 37 percent last month, the Post reported.

Trump’s numbers have fallen even further among Republicans than independents.

Just 22 percent of Republican voters said the same of Trump as of last week.

Trump has also lost ground among Democrats, with only 20 percent of Democrats viewing him favorably and just 19 percent holding a favorable opinion.

That could be partly because of his use of social media and the controversy surrounding him.

He still has the support of most of the Democratic Party, but it’s becoming harder to get them to back him.

The Post and the NBC News pollsters asked people to give Trump positive ratings and negative ratings, with the question that “would you vote for Trump in the general election.”

Trump’s favorable rating has dropped from a record high of 51 percent to 37 percent.

He was at a similar high when the NBC poll was taken.

The same trend has occurred among Democratic voters.

Clinton’s favorables have also dropped from high to low.

Her favorables are up from 44 percent to 31 percent, and her negative favorables dropped from 37 percent to 21 percent.

Trump, meanwhile, is up from 47 percent to 35 percent, while Clinton’s has risen from 36 percent to 42 percent.

The survey showed that voters think Trump is “better” than Clinton.

His favorable rating among Democrats is now 53 percent, up from 36.8 percent last summer.

His unfavorable rating is down from 54 percent to 33 percent, which is a new high for him.

That’s consistent with other recent surveys, but also a reflection of the negative press that has been surrounding him since he announced he would not seek the Republican nomination in May.

But now, Trump has shown that he can win the general and the national elections.

He needs to make up ground with the Democratic electorate, but his polling numbers and the general race are going to have a lot to do with that.

I think he’s got a great shot at winning.

His negatives are down and he has some momentum.

He is getting some endorsements and support from groups that will support him, including groups like the American Enterprise Institute and Heritage Action.

But I think that the real challenge for Trump is that he has to win more votes.

There are a lot of white voters who are angry about his rhetoric, and Trump is the only Republican in the field who’s gotten those people to come out to the polls.

But there are a large number of black voters, Latino voters, Asian voters, white voters, and independents who are frustrated with Trump.

And they’re angry that Trump is being so cavalier about what they want.

That frustration will be important in the coming weeks as Trump tries to woo them back into the fold.

It’s also important to note that Trump’s popularity has risen significantly over the last few weeks, although not as dramatically as it has in recent months.

He now has about 47 percent of the Republican vote, down slightly from the record 47 percent he had in August.

Trump is also ahead of

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