Clinton aides are making exit strategy to help Trump | CNN

By KELLY MCEVERS, Associated PressClinton aides are preparing for a Clinton presidency, and they are making some exit strategies to help her, according to a memo obtained by CNN.

Clinton aides say the Democrats should make a “strong, principled” case for staying in the race.

The memo, sent to top Clinton surrogates on Friday, warns that she “will not be able to win without the support of the American people.”

“You have a great team of leaders who are prepared to fight for you, but you are going to need to win in November,” the memo reads.

“If you don’t make this case clearly and clearly, we will be unable to win.”

In her speech at the Democratic National Convention, Clinton said the party needs to fight the “dangerous ideas” of the Trump administration, which she described as “unhinged and out of control.”

The party needs “a stronger vision and a more bold, bolder agenda,” Clinton said.

The memo also warns that the Democrats need to keep “focus on the things that matter most” to voters, such as “raising wages, closing corporate tax loopholes, protecting Medicare and Social Security, and protecting our most vulnerable.”

The Democrats also need to continue pushing for “an ambitious, bold agenda that includes closing the wage gap, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, protecting public schools and ensuring equal pay for equal work,” the memos states.

And the party “must not fall into the trap of complacency and accept the status quo as the new normal,” the Democrats write.

While the Democratic Party needs to make its case to voters about its plan to stay in the election, it also has to make sure voters “understand that the choice is not between Trump and Clinton,” the note states.

“We can’t let the Republicans use the Clinton campaign as a vehicle to create a false choice between the two candidates, as they have done in recent weeks,” the Democratic operatives wrote.

“You can’t be the party of Trump without making a strong, principled case for continuing the fight for a stronger and bolder America.”

Clinton’s aides say she should focus on the themes of unity, and not be distracted by “negative ads” that paint Trump as “divisive and out-of-touch.”

“The Democrats are taking on the most divisive, divisive and outvoted candidate in American history,” the advisers wrote.

“She has been a great President, and the American voters deserve a better choice than that.

And she has the most formidable team of supporters in the history of politics, and this must be our focus.”

The Clinton campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the memo.

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