How the Trump administration is using the ‘exit’ clause to make life harder for companies that exit their contracts

A couple weeks ago, the Trump Administration announced its intention to force companies to pay up to $10,000 in relocation costs if they exit their contract with the government.

The move, which was made under the Presidential Policy Directive, or PPD, has already resulted in companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and others being forced to slash their workforce, which has caused their prices to skyrocket.

But it is also prompting companies to go public, raising questions about how the Trump White House is using that clause to cut deals for its allies.

How the exit clause works In the US, the exit provision allows businesses to opt out of a government contract for a number of reasons, from the cost of a new computer to the cost to relocate workers.

But the Trump Department of Justice has now used it to shut down companies from leaving the US that exit with the Department of Labor.

While the move appears to be designed to reduce job losses in the United States, there is a bigger reason the Trump government is using this clause to impose new restrictions.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the government has been targeting US companies for exit in order to ensure that those companies aren’t making a profit from the contracts they end up entering.

“The exit provision is intended to limit the amount of profit that US companies can make from their government contracts,” the newspaper reported, adding that it’s intended to “help companies that have already taken the steps necessary to terminate contracts.”

The Trump administration says it has been using this tactic for a decade.

But many companies have argued that the Trump move will make it harder for them to compete.

“It is not about the money.

It is about how to reduce the cost and increase the competition that we see across the world,” a former official at the Department for the Interior told the Journal.

According the Journal, many companies, particularly large ones like Apple and Microsoft, have struggled with the loss of federal contracts due to a decline in the price of their products.

The Journal report suggests that the government’s move is being made to force them to reduce their wages.

“When you have a government-funded company like Apple that is losing contracts, it has a difficult time competing,” a source with knowledge of the situation told the newspaper.

The PPD does not give the government any power to make decisions like these, but it is the government that decides which companies are covered under the rule.

The rules, however, have also led to the closure of several other businesses.

The Associated Press reported earlier this year that Apple had to cut 1,000 jobs and had to lay off 5,000 workers due to the Trump PPD.

Apple has not yet responded to requests for comment.

The Trump Administration has also used the PPD to shut out large companies from government contracts, though they were less drastic in the case of Twitter, which cut 700 jobs from its US operations.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but a source told Business Insider that the closure is only temporary.

“While we understand the concern that many workers have, our goal is to create the best possible environment for our employees and ensure that all employees are paid fairly and fairly for the work they do.” “

There are no immediate plans to reduce Twitter’s workforce, although there is no immediate plan to eliminate other jobs in the company,” the source said.

“While we understand the concern that many workers have, our goal is to create the best possible environment for our employees and ensure that all employees are paid fairly and fairly for the work they do.”

The PPGA tour company The Trump PPGAs tour of the country has seen a number changes in recent months.

In June, the tour company announced it would no longer allow tours of its properties and instead would only allow a private tour of its buildings.

The changes have been criticized by many tour operators, including PPGs tour company, for the lack of transparency surrounding the tour.

The tour company said that “we are proud of our partnership with the Trump and Johnson administrations, as well as the many members of Congress and other stakeholders who helped us develop this historic and historic event.”

The Department for Veterans Affairs has also been hit by criticism of the Trump tour.

Earlier this month, the Department released a statement saying that “in the past year, the PPG tours has been the focus of media and public scrutiny.”

The department also cited a spike in “serious complaints” from tour operators about the Trump tours, which it said it is investigating.

In March, the department also removed the PPH tour from the Trump’s list of tours to which the Department was accredited, according to the Associated Press.

The Department of Veterans Affairs also has taken steps to close down its tours of the US.

In January, the VA announced that it would end all tours of some of its facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, and medical centers, beginning with the hospital in

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