Exit: CNN’s exit is imminent

CNN has announced it is pulling all news and commentary from its Twitter account, leaving a gaping hole in the media landscape.

The network announced Friday that it is shutting down the account on the heels of the publication of a report detailing a number of alleged sexual misconduct incidents against men in its newsroom.

CNN declined to elaborate on the nature of those allegations.

CNN’s chief news correspondent Jim Acosta tweeted a link to the report and wrote: “It is our hope that you will understand the gravity of this decision and how important it is to our entire newsroom to stop this behavior immediately.”

CNN also said it will continue to provide “an ongoing stream of commentary” on the issues of the day, but it has suspended “journalistic programming, including original reporting.”

CNN did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Associated Press.

The company said it is not suspending CNN’s newsroom editorial staff, though it did not offer any details.

CNN was forced to cut ties with Acosta, whose stint as chief White House correspondent in 2017 saw him resign in protest of the network’s treatment of him.

Acosta also was forced out of the White House in March, citing a lack of trust among his colleagues.

Acousto, who was hired as a replacement for Brian Stelter after Stelters departure in March 2016, was fired after the network suspended him in March 2017 for “inappropriate conduct” toward another female colleague.

In a statement on Friday, CNN President Jeff Zucker said the decision to terminate Acosta “was not based on a lack the integrity of our journalism.

We do not tolerate sexual harassment and this was a personal matter.”

CNN has been the target of a string of sexual harassment claims against male news anchors, including two separate allegations that a former anchor had allegedly made unwanted sexual advances toward him.

The newsroom was rocked by another sexual harassment scandal in October when New York Times reporter Matt Taibbi accused CNN president Jeff Zucker of sexual misconduct.

Acampo was also fired after allegations surfaced that he had inappropriately touched a female reporter, which the network said was “a very serious allegation” and the network decided not to press charges against him.

__The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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