Exit polls: Georgia, the Philippines and South Korea have closed exit polls

A new survey released by exit polling company ExitOpinion found that exit polls in Georgia, South Korea and the Philippines have closed as of June 9, 2016.

The exit polls, conducted by SurveyUSA and SurveyMonkey, were released during the last presidential debate between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.

The polls showed Clinton with a lead of about 5 percentage points over Trump, but Trump was still ahead in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Exit polls showed the two candidates with similar levels of support among Democrats and independents in Georgia.

However, exit polls showed that the Clinton and Trump campaigns had a more competitive race in Florida and North Carolina.

Trump won the state by 9 points, while Clinton won it by 13 points.

In Georgia, ExitOprion found Trump with a 9.6 percent margin of victory, with Clinton with an 8.6 percentage point lead.

Exit polling showed the race in South Korea to be closer than in Georgia with Clinton winning the election by 11 points.

The poll found that South Korea was a “hotbed” for the election and had a large percentage of voters who were eligible to vote, including people who were already registered to vote and were able to cast a ballot in the state.

South Korea has a relatively small number of registered voters, but the turnout in South Korean presidential elections has been higher than in the general election.

ExitOporion found South Korea had more voters eligible to cast ballots than in any other country.

In fact, more than three out of four registered voters in South Koreas primary elections are eligible to participate.

South Korean voters had the opportunity to vote in the election, but only those who are eligible can cast a vote.

Exit pollsters said the exit polls show that the election is far from over, and the exit pollsters predict that the race will not be decided until at least the end of the third round of voting.

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