Exit plans to help people get out of Edinburgh after a ‘fog of war’

Edinburgh’s largest city has issued plans to give people in the city a lifeline, after a “fog” of war left many without electricity and internet.

The city council has launched an online portal, exit planning institute (EPI), which will help people access help and advice from social services.

It says the portal will help “vulnerable people” and people in temporary housing get on their feet.

“Our aim is to get people out of their homes and into the city,” a spokesman said.

“As people have moved out of the city and are looking for new housing they need assistance.”

The EPI is also helping people who have been in temporary accommodation, including people with mental health problems.

People who have lost power have also been advised to call 0800 555 111.

Councillor Stephen McGarry said the city was facing a “catastrophic” situation.

“It’s really hard to believe it’s been a week and we’ve been here for four days and people are still out in the cold, there’s still a significant amount of people without electricity,” he said.EPI is set to open on Wednesday, with staff helping people find temporary accommodation.

“The aim is that people who are in temporary living accommodation, people who need to find somewhere to stay in their own home, can get to work or the shops in their community and be out of there in no time,” Mr McGarry added.

“They need the help to get back to their normal life.”

He said it was important that people did not leave their homes without proper notice.

“We need to ensure that people have a plan to go back to the city, we’re hoping that people can find some way to get out and to get their family back into the community,” he added.

The Epi is also providing information and support to people who lost their jobs in the last week.

“If they’re looking for work, they can get the help of the EPI,” Mr McKee said.

People who are living in a caravan or on a temporary basis will be able to use the portal, but it is still important to keep in mind the risks involved.

“Obviously, we can’t just leave people in a situation like that, we need to be aware of the risks,” he explained.

“There are people that need support, people that are struggling with alcohol and other problems, so we need a plan for that.”

People who can’t access the portal because they are in a temporary accommodation can also contact the council’s social services agency.

“If you can’t get access to the portal and you need help, we are there for you, we will be happy to give you help,” a spokeswoman said.

The EPO will help the public access help, information and resources.

“This portal will be a place for people to get information on how to get around, get around safely, and also support people with questions about where they are, who they are with and how to go about finding support,” she added.

The Edinburgh City Council says it has received more than 4,000 emergency calls, 1,800 calls for emergency medical help and 1,000 calls for assistance with their phones.

It has also seen more than 2,000 people in emergency accommodation.

If you or someone you know needs help, call 101.

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