A little less music, a little more battery in the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones

A few years ago, when Google was still calling its Pixel smartphones the “Google Pixel” and Pixel 2 phones the “Pixel 2” phones, we were all still using the term “Pixel” to describe them.

But the Pixel phones have been significantly more battery-efficient than their predecessors.

And now Google has added more battery to those Pixel phones as well.

As we wrote about earlier today, the Pixel smartphones have a smaller battery than previous versions of the Pixel, and they have been able to get away with using much more battery than the Nexus phones.

We’ve noted that the Pixel phone’s battery life has improved slightly over the past few years, thanks to Google’s efforts to optimize its OS.

That’s partly due to a combination of Google’s optimizations for Android and Android Wear, and also thanks to a software update that Google pushed out earlier this month.

The Pixel phones’ battery life on the Pixel 2 is now significantly more than the Pixel’s, which was the second-best battery on its launch.

The Pixel phones can now take a full day of use on a charge.

Google says that the new Pixel phones also have a faster charging rate than the older Pixel phones.

And if you want to see if Google has made any improvements to the battery life of the new phones, check out the battery data below.

The battery data for the Pixel devices is pretty similar to the data we have seen for the Nexus devices.

The only notable difference between the Pixel and the Nexus 4 phones is that the Nexus device has a faster charger.

So what does all of this mean for the battery in Google’s new Pixel smartphones?

Well, the battery is getting a bit more efficient with each iteration of the phones.

If you’re not concerned about the Pixel having an overcharged battery, the new models will be much less energy-intensive.

And if you’re worried about the battery having an overheated battery, or you just want to keep the phone’s performance a bit higher, the phones should be just fine.

We’ve also heard that Google is working on a new software update for the new iPhones that should allow the Pixel-powered devices to charge faster.

And it’s possible that Google will also improve the performance of the newer Pixel phones with the next software update.

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