How to avoid wedding exit songs

If you want to avoid ending your wedding night in a messy mess, you can do it all with a couple of simple tips.


Make sure you have your wedding dress, hair, and accessories ready to go.

You can find a wedding dress online, but you’ll need to take a look at the sizing, fit and style of your wedding dresses.

You also might want to look at what other people are saying about their wedding dresses, so make sure that you check out the reviews.

If you’re buying from a website, make sure to check out their terms of use.

If the company is accepting cash or credit cards, be sure to get a receipt.


Check out the wedding venue’s dress code, where you’ll find a dress code list.

For example, in the UK, a dresscode will list a minimum length of dress, a length of bust, a waist, hips and bust.

You’ll also find the minimum number of buttons, sleeves and buttons you’ll be wearing.

For some weddings, it may not be the case.

You might want the wedding dress code to be the same for all participants.


If a dress has more than one colour, try matching them all together.

If one colour is not listed, make your own wedding dress with the colours you have chosen.


If your dress is made to be a wedding ring, make the clasp as wide as possible and make sure the top clasp is a good size.


Don’t use glue to attach your wedding ring.

You should make sure your wedding band has a good bond, as glue can be an irritant to the lining of the ring.


Make your wedding ceremony, including where the cake is going to be placed.


Take photos of the wedding and all the details, like the candles and flowers, the ceremony, and the guests.


Check the date of your ceremony and the date and time of the next wedding to make sure everything is lined up properly.


Set up the venue for your wedding by marking all the locations.


If there are multiple guests, make it easy for each one by marking their locations and then inviting them to the ceremony.


Take pictures of all the guests, including their faces and the location of the cake.


Write out your wedding details on a piece of paper, and have them photocopy it at home.


Keep all the wedding photos you take for yourself.

You will have a few pictures that are important to you, so take care of them and use them later.

If things don’t go exactly as you hoped, it’s okay to just keep it for your records.


If it’s raining outside, bring a rain jacket.


If someone is taking pictures of your party, take them out to your camera and take pictures of everyone else too.


You could use the hashtag #weddingscreeper for a hashtag on social media to keep a running tally of how many people have taken a picture.


Remember that your wedding will be your best chance at getting your loved ones together at your wedding, so use your hashtags wisely.


If something is not right, get help.

The first step is to get help from your wedding planning team.

If they don’t know how to make your wedding look beautiful, they might just tell you that you need to find the wedding director.

There’s a number of wedding planning sites, including and

If that’s not a good option, you could try contacting your wedding planner online or calling the Wedding Directors Guild in your country.


Get advice from a wedding planner before you plan your wedding.

If this is a one-time wedding, then it’s best to get some advice on what your wedding looks like.

There are many wedding planners that are experienced in this area, so you can get the best advice for your specific wedding.

For more information on wedding planning, visit our guide on wedding preparation.

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