Which exit points in India are safest?

An online survey of more than 200,000 people conducted by the Insurance Research Institute of India (IRI) has found that only a small number of exit points were considered safe.

While 86 percent of people surveyed said they did not have any problems getting through the airport security checkpoints, exit points for people traveling from abroad were only found to be 95 percent safe.

Read full storyIndia, a nation of 7.7 billion people, has strict security protocols for all travellers and arrivals, with airports often being sealed off from the public.

However, the exit points of airports across India are not always kept in keeping with the strict regulations.

According to the Indian government, only seven of the country’s 36 airports have closed due to terrorism.

In fact, India has the highest number of terrorist incidents per capita in the world.

As a result, India is often the only country in the region to have only a few major airports remaining open.

As a result of this, travelers are increasingly worried about the safety of their journey.

The report by IRI found that, for all the countries in the Indian region, exit point security at major airports is relatively low.

The exit point for domestic flights at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) is only 20 percent safe, while it is only 33 percent safe at Mumbai’s Indirapuram International Airport, according to IRI.

India has a strict security protocol for all passengers and arrivals that the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) require.

The guidelines stipulate that an exit point should be at least 500 metres away from a public place, with all exits to the airport covered.

The maximum distance that an airport can take away from public places is 300 metres.

The IRI survey also found that most people who visited India did not carry identification.

Almost one in three respondents said they used a mobile phone.

This is not surprising considering India is a major hub for international travel, with about two-thirds of international flights originating in the country.

India is a large country and it is easy to imagine that the airports in India may be overcrowded, with many travelers leaving with luggage and some returning with only empty suitcases.

However the IRI study found that India has an average capacity of just under 6 million passengers per year.

This means that about one in four passengers are travelling without any identification, and it would be easy to see how a high number of passengers would leave their luggage at airports in large cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad.

The IRI also found an average of 7 million people pass through airports in major cities every day, and about 15 percent of those people leave their baggage at airports.

The Indian government has set up a national passenger protection network, called the Integrated Passenger Protection Programme (IPP), which is expected to see an increase in passenger safety at airports by 2020.

The new system has also set up an integrated safety network for travellers who need to board flights.

However passengers are also able to check the safety status of their baggage and baggage lockers by entering their details on a mobile app.

The ICP is still in its early days, but India is expected by some to see more passengers entering airports through the ICP.

It is likely that this will also improve security as well as passenger comfort in the coming years.

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