The best exit strategies for new owners

The next best option is to just move on to another property in the area.

That’s what we did when we bought our home in downtown Chicago.

But if you’re interested in a new place to live, we’ve compiled a list of the best exit options.


South of the river.

This is the one most people would choose.

You’ll be surrounded by gorgeous lakes and forests, with beautiful lakeside neighborhoods.

And you’ll have access to a number of local attractions.

In addition, it’s the only place in the country with no vacancy tax.

This would make it a perfect home for you, if you are looking for a place to rent a car.


In the suburbs.

This option has a very high vacancy rate.

And while it’s a good place to move if you want a smaller space, it can be hard to find a good apartment for a new tenant.

So it’s best to look to your area for rental apartments.


The city.

While the surrounding area is relatively small, it has plenty of great amenities.

It also has a nice population density, so it’s easy to find good places to live.


Outside the city.

This location is close to a train station, and you’ll be able to get to the lake easily.

It’s also close to public transportation.

You can find apartments in a number, but we recommend looking for one in a walkable neighborhood.


In an area that’s already affordable.

This will make it easier to find apartments for rent.

The area you choose should be fairly walkable, with a decent amount of parking.

And if you like your neighborhood, you’ll probably find a house nearby that would fit your needs.

This should be a good option if you don’t have a lot of money.


In a city that is a little pricier than in the suburbs or the city, but you’re still looking for the best deal.

The surrounding area may not be as walkable as the suburbs, but there are plenty of nice apartments to be found here.


In another area that isn’t as walkible as the surrounding areas.

You may not want to rent an apartment in a city where you can’t easily get around.

But a few of the nearby neighborhoods can make the city a very good place for a long-term rental.


Near a train.

You’re not in Chicago anymore, so you can take advantage of the train.

And there are lots of good apartments to rent here.

There are also several restaurants nearby.


In suburban areas.

This may sound obvious, but if you live in an area where it’s easier to commute, you may want to consider renting an apartment.

You will probably have to move to get somewhere you can live, but the rent should be low.


Near the lake.

You could also find a better deal by living in an apartment that is within walking distance of the lake and a boat dock.

If you live near a lake or other waterway, you can get the lakefront condos that are usually built near a pier.

The best thing about this option is that the rent isn’t too high, so this is the option that will work best for you.


In other areas that have a very low vacancy rate, such as in the north or the east.

This won’t be as easy to get around, but it’s usually a good idea to look for a house in the nearby area.


Near an airport.

If your home is located in a metro area, you won’t need to pay much in taxes or fees.

And the airport can be very easy to access.

And with the airport in the middle of Chicago, you could even find a place in Chicago that is near the airport.


Near other airports.

You won’t have to pay as much in fees and taxes as you would in the city you’re moving to, but that doesn’t mean you should stay in the same area.

Many of the new airports are close by, and if you can find a hotel near them, you’re almost guaranteed to find one that’s close to the airport, if it’s in a good area.


Near public transportation or a nearby bus station.

This could be a great option for a short-term or long-lasting rental.

The transit options are all good, and the location near public transportation is great for long-distance trips.


Near good schools or colleges.

This can be a nice option for those who want to live close to schools.

But it won’t hurt to be careful with the school and college search, because you may have to make a few changes in your life.


Near parks.

This might sound obvious to people who live in the Chicago area, but this is a good alternative if you prefer nature and are looking to avoid traffic.


Near another school, park or parkland.

You might want to look into this

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