How to understand exit polls in India’s election

As of this morning, the exit polls from India’s upcoming general elections have been officially released and are already showing a huge shift in the country’s electorate.

The results are expected to put the BJP’s Narendra Modi in a commanding position, and give the party a major boost in the next parliament.

India’s electoral commission, the Election Commission of India, said that its exit polls are now showing a 6.4-point swing for the BJP, a significant jump from its results in 2014.

That’s in stark contrast to the 8-point lead for the Congress in exit polls, which came in at 7.6 points.

India, which was once a country where voters were very loyal to their party, is now the only major democracy where there is no party that has won more than 20 percent of the popular vote. 

In an election that is supposed to be about the economy, foreign affairs and a host of other issues, the economy is now a key focus.

Exit polls suggest that voters are not only disillusioned with the ruling party but also with the government’s handling of economic issues. 

Ahead of the polls, the finance minister, Arun Jaitley, told reporters, “I believe that we can have a good outcome.

I believe we can achieve a good result.

And we will do so.”

The election will be the first time India’s population has been represented in a general election since 2014.

In that election, voters rejected the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party’s promise to take a similar approach to the 2014 general elections in India, with voters opting for the opposition National Democratic Alliance.

The Bharatiyah Janata party (BJP) won more votes than its opponent, the ruling Congress, in the 2014 election.

That election saw a massive victory for the ruling coalition, and led to the establishment of the National Democratic Front (NDF) party.

Since then, the NDF has made some significant reforms, including introducing an increase in the minimum wage and a national healthcare scheme. 

India’s electoral commissioner, Arundhati Bhattacharya, said the party’s exit poll results will be a “catalyst for the debate on the electoral process.” 

“This is the first exit poll result for the NDS, which shows that we are the largest party,” she told the Times of India.

“In fact, we are now the largest by a landslide, in terms of the vote share.”

The exit poll also showed a strong shift towards the BJP.

The BJP has increased its support among young voters, and voters under 35 are the most likely to turn out in the elections. 

“It’s a very important result.

I think this is a good indicator of the mood of the electorate,” said Arunder Joshi, a senior analyst with the Indian Institute of Management, Delhi.

“This is what we saw in the recent elections.

But it is a very strong signal of confidence in the NDA and its party, that it can actually deliver on its promises.”

The exit polls have also been showing a shift in sentiment towards the Congress, which has been blamed for some of the countrys biggest problems.

Exit poll data suggests that voters support the Congress for its handling of the economy.

According to exit polls conducted by the National Sample Survey Organization, 73 percent of voters believe that the Congress has the right to run the country, compared to only 40 percent for the Bharatiyan Janata National Democratic Party. 

The party has been in power for two decades, but the recent rise in support has been the most dramatic since it became the governing party in 2004.

This is because voters have grown increasingly disillusioned by the country s economic woes, with nearly half of respondents saying they have not voted in the past decade.

The recent vote has also resulted in a surge in the BJP-led alliance in the National Assembly. 

According to exit poll data, voters are also disillusioned about the way the NDP government has handled foreign affairs.

Only 42 percent of respondents believe that India should remain an independent country, and more than two-thirds say the country should move towards becoming a democracy.

The last time the two parties had been in office together, voters backed the NCP over the Congress by a 10-point margin.

The party also has a strong showing in the upcoming general election. 

As of today, exit polls show the BJP is leading the polls at 38.7 percent, the Congress at 28.7 and the NDM at 17.9 percent.

The BSP is also polling at 7 percent, while the Congress is polling at 2.9, the BSP at 2 percent, and the Congress-NDP alliance is polling 1.4 percent.

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