4 reasons why people love Tor exit nodes

By Dan Lefkowitz, Executive Director, Tor Project article A few months ago, the Tor Project released its first major security update.

Now, it’s getting ready to roll out a second.

As the project’s first major update, Tor 0.2.6 will include many bug fixes, including fixes for an exploit vulnerability in the Tor Browser Bundle (TCB).

It also contains a number of bug fixes and improvements to Tor’s implementation of the Tor relaying network.

We’ve seen this in other major Tor releases, but it’s something that Tor users and researchers have been clamoring for for months. 

The Tor Project has a list of fixes it wants to make available for Tor 0: “We are working to ensure that all the security fixes in 0.1.0 are also available for 0.0.0rc6.0 and 0.3.0.”

The Tor Project is working on its first release candidate for 0, which will likely be released before the end of the month.

The first release candidates usually feature fixes that are ready for use and can be tested by users before the next major update. 

“We are now looking to make this release candidate available for testing and use, and have provided a summary of what is being worked on to facilitate testing,” Tor Project co-founder and CEO John Stanton said in a statement.

Tor users will be able to test the new release candidate from this morning. 

Tobias Spann, who has been tracking Tor’s security since it was first launched, is very happy with the way Tor 0, the latest version, is performing.

“The new version seems to have made significant improvements to the security model for the relaying and anonymity software.

This is good news for the Tor project and for the wider security community,” Spann told Ars.

“Tor’s reliability, security, and performance have all improved since the release of 0.4.0, and we’re optimistic that 0.5 will deliver even better performance and reliability than 0.6.x.”

“As we’ve already said, we’re extremely excited to release this release, and are happy to share it with the community,” said Tor Project founder and CEO Tor Johnson.

“The 0.7.x release will include a number the major security fixes we have been working on, and it should also provide the highest level of security for all Tor users.”

Tor’s previous release, 0.8.0 was released in December and included a number security updates as well.

The next major release, Tor 1.5.0 , will be released sometime in 2018. 

In the meantime, the first major Tor release candidate is available for download on GitHub.

The full release candidate can be downloaded from the Tor website.

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