Polls: Israel exits synonym as exit strategy brewing

A poll released on Thursday shows that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party has secured the largest share of the vote in the 2019 elections, as voters are turning their backs on the incumbent.

The exit polls published by the Jerusalem Post on Thursday revealed that the ruling party’s support in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area is currently at a record high of 66.7 percent.

However, with only four days left to go until the elections, Netanyahu’s party is set to make an exit strategy that will see them contest every single seat in the capital and beyond.

The party has made an explicit appeal to voters to vote for the ruling coalition in Tel Aviv and other urban centres.

The party has also asked voters to support the government’s policy of ending the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, while rejecting the continuation of the settlement enterprise in the area.

Netanyahu has also ruled out a unilateral Palestinian state and a Palestinian state in the West Jerusalem area, which would make the party a crucial part of the coalition.

The new poll indicates that Likuds are likely to be the second largest party in the upcoming elections.

This will be a huge shift for Netanyahu and his coalition.

In an attempt to bolster his chances, Likudi has decided to focus its campaign efforts on the Jerusalem region.

In an attempt at a ‘rescue’ of the Jerusalem municipality, it is now planning to build a new, state-run Palestinian city in the occupied West Bank.

According to a poll conducted by the Public Opinion Center for Public Opinion, Lekudi is expected to win 25.7 seats, making it the second-largest party in Tel-Aviv.

The Jerusalem Post also published an opinion poll in which Likuda is expected have a very small lead over the ruling bloc.

The poll, however, has a margin of error of 3.7 percentage points, indicating that the opinion poll is probably more accurate than the exit polls.

This is the second time in less than a week that the Tel-Viv coalition has been forced to make a major change.

In late July, the governing coalition in the city of Haifa announced the construction of a new wall between the Israeli-occupied West Bank and the Palestinian city of Bethlehem.

Following the announcement, Palestinians in the Palestinian territories protested, demanding that the barrier be demolished.

In a move that was welcomed by international organizations, the government in Jerusalem announced a plan to demolish the wall in an attempt of ending its existence.

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