Why I voted to remain in the Paris Agreement

I voted no because I think the world is too dangerous to live in and too much of a drain on our economy to let Paris do all the heavy lifting.

But I also don’t believe it’s fair for countries like Canada and the U.K. to pick winners and losers in global trade negotiations, even when they’re in the same league.

As a former World Trade Organization chief, I know the power of diplomacy, and the power to shape the world in our own interests.

I think it’s a good thing that President Trump is working to re-engage with the global community, and I hope we will see an even greater level of engagement.

We have to move beyond the rhetoric of protectionism and instead focus on our common interests.

We should be willing to sacrifice the comfort of a political process that has failed us in the past.

But we can’t allow our politics to become political and we can only succeed by working together.

So, yes, I voted yes.

But the reality is that if we are serious about dealing with climate change and other global challenges, the U, U.S. and Canada need to put their differences aside.

They must work together to find solutions that create jobs and prosperity and build prosperity for all of us.

The U.N. climate change negotiations are underway, but many countries are sticking to their own negotiating positions, with Canada and Britain sticking to the Paris deal while other nations are sticking with the Kyoto Protocol.

The world’s governments have said their positions on the agreement are clear, but there are still many differences.

It’s time to move forward.

This election was about a different way of doing things.

I will not be voting for any party that is not focused on tackling the global challenges we face, and this is why I voted for the Conservative Party of Canada.

And that’s why I will support the Conservatives for the next election, which is coming up in 2019.

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