How did we get here? | Exit polls reveal how much voters like, dislike and trust Theresa May

We have been watching Theresa May for a long time.

We were the first to get her elected as UK Prime Minister in 2017, the first in 2019 and the first since her disastrous election to the House of Commons.

And we knew what she meant to the country.

And then we watched her lead us into a series of disastrous, costly, and unpopular policies, all with no clear exit strategy.

And all the while, we were told that, if things went the way of the Brexit campaign, the Government would have to leave office.

So why haven’t we had a Brexit?

And how did we all get here in the first place?

And why did we have to watch this all unfold in the UK in such a short space of time?

Exit polls are a key tool for understanding the way people vote, but they don’t provide an explanation for why people vote the way they do.

And while they are useful for highlighting the different types of voters and the different parties that support different groups of people, they don.

They don’t tell us why voters vote the ways they do, which is why exit polls are of so much interest to anyone interested in understanding how political outcomes are shaped.

For this reason, they can be misleading.

This is why we asked one of the world’s leading exit poll experts, Dr Mark Hadley, to explore the exit polls of the 2016 election and how they may have misled us.

Exit polls in the past few years have become a valuable way of gauging political attitudes.

They provide an accurate snapshot of the mood of a country as it moves from election to election, giving a snapshot of how public opinion is shifting, and therefore how politicians can win or lose votes.

As it turns out, the exit poll is misleading when it comes to explaining how people vote.

It doesn’t provide us with an explanation why we voted the way we did.

This has been a common theme throughout the exit polling, particularly in the US.

In 2016, exit polls in a number of states indicated that a majority of voters believed that Trump would be the president of the United States for a very long time, while a small majority thought that Clinton would win the election.

These numbers were consistent across the US, but the exit and exit poll methods used in these states differed greatly from one another.

A lot of the differences between states were due to how the polls were conducted.

In the UK, the UK Polling Council (UKPC) conducts exit polls on behalf of all UK constituencies.

They ask voters in a random sample of voters whether they would vote for, against or for a candidate of the same party in an election.

They also ask voters to provide a short description of what they think about a candidate.

In some cases, the description is written down in advance and it is then analysed by the polling firm.

In other cases, it is recorded on the day of the poll, and the polling company then has to analyse it to determine which voters should vote for which candidate.

When a pollster asks the same question, it can be very difficult to tell the difference between whether the questions were written down before or after the election day.

This could result in the pollsters not being able to accurately determine which questions were answered.

In 2017, this was a major issue when it came to the Brexit vote.

Many voters believed the exit result was a fluke, a result of a “lopsided” result that would not be repeated.

However, when exit polls were done in the weeks leading up to the referendum on Brexit, they revealed that this was not the case.

In fact, in many cases, voters were more likely to believe that a significant majority of people would vote to leave the European Union, or for Remain.

In this context, the question was whether a significant minority of people who voted Remain actually voted to leave, and whether a sizeable minority actually voted Leave.

In a poll that took place in late July and early August 2017, for example, the majority of UK voters thought that about 30% of Remain voters actually voted Yes.

In contrast, the poll showed that only 17% of Leave voters voted to Remain.

This difference was clear and marked, with the majority saying that the vast majority of Remain votes were in favour of Remain.

The polls conducted before the referendum indicated that there was no significant majority that voted Remain.

When the question of Leave was asked, the vast bulk of Leave votes were thought to be in favour.

But when the question about Remain was asked as well, the overwhelming majority of Leave-voting voters were thought by many to have voted to Leave, which was not what we were led to believe.

It is also worth noting that the polls in this case were conducted using the same exit poll method that we had seen used before in previous elections, which means that the result is not affected by whether the question is asked about Brexit or Leave.

We have seen this

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