What happens if the Delhi Metro passes through Bhimshan?

The Delhi Metro will pass through Bhimpichand, which has been in the national Capital for over two decades, for the first time on Thursday.

The city government will announce details of the route on Wednesday.

This is the second time the Delhi Metropolitan Region Board (DMRCB) has announced a major road project in the city, as the first one was announced in 2017.

But this time the DMRCB will also announce details about the project on Wednesday and the final cost will be announced by December. 

The project will take five years to complete, said DMRCBs spokesperson Dinesh Chatterjee.

The Delhi metro is currently scheduled to open on January 26, 2019, with the first phase to open by 2023. 

When will the Delhi metro pass through?

When the Delhi-NCR metro is completed, the first tranche of the project will pass from north Delhi to Bhimpiand.

The metro will connect the two communities in one go. 

Where will it run?

The DMRCs road network will be extended from south Delhi to the north of the city. 

Will there be tolls?

There are no tolls for the Delhi/NCR Metro. 

What happens if it passes through Mahim?

The metro could not go through Mahima village in Bhimpishan.

It will instead travel through the Bazar district. 

Who will get the benefits of the metro?

The Delhi Metro has already been hailed a success.

It has improved quality of life for thousands of people.

People from the NCR and north Delhi, who live in the area around Mahim, will get an improvement in safety and sanitation, the DMMC spokesperson said. 

Is the metro planned for more than one line?

Yes, the metro will run for a total of five lines. 

How much will it cost?

The project will cost Rs 5,000 crore. 

Does the project come with any environmental concerns?


The project is aimed at improving the city’s health, air quality, air pollution and the quality of the environment.

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